Sign Necessary Agreements

Prior to becoming certified

Read and Sign the DoulaVersity Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice

Read and Sign the DoulaVersity Grievance Policy

The DoulaVersity code of ethics encourages doulas to work within their scope of practice. This lessons your chances of being sued, and keeps our doulas from being banned in hospitals. Most organizations have their doulas sign a scope of practice before becoming certified (it’s just not always listed in the requirements to become certified). If you have any questions about the terms of our scope of practice, just contact us and ask! Students do NOT have to sign the agreement until you choose to become certified. When you register, you only have to agree that you have read the scope of practice and grievance policies.

Read Three Books

Check out our book recommendations! 


Read 3 Books

Students will be required to read "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin and "The Healthy Pregnancy Book" by Dr. Sears
Plus -  
Students may choose one other book from our pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and miscellaneous categories. 
View our recommended reading list HERE

(We certainly encourage you to read more if you'd like!)

Watch a Couple of Videos

Work Your Way Through the Online Training Course

Take the Spinning Babies Parent Class

Attend at least 2 births


Make a Resource List

Take a Labor Doula Training Workshop!


Watch the following two videos/movies:

  • The Business of Being Born

  • Organic Birth (or Pregnant in America)

These two movies are very relevant to our training and will help you understand
why doulas can and should stand on the front lines of change in our birth world. 



Our online training course consists of 15 modules
(which includes our online childbirth course for doulas).

As you work your way through you'll be presented with
a few mock scenarios, activities, and quizzes.  (There is NO final test)!

We have it all - reading, pictures and videos.
No matter what your learning style is, we've got you covered.

One of the ways our doulas can make a difference is by
reducing the cesarean rate.  How?  By having some basic
Spinning Babies information under their belt.  This Parent Class is awesome for
doulas too, and that is why we we felt it would benefit our doulas to make it a requirement to their training! 
This comes free with most of our doula packages.  It is NOT included in the $250 online course, or for those who are cross-certifying.  (This download is $27), and can be purchased here after you get to module nine of your course. 

Attend 2 Births:

  • If at all possible, attend one birth with an experienced doula

  • Attend one vaginal birth on your own






As part of certification process you will start building
a community resource list. 

This helps both you and your clients get a better idea of options,
and specialists related to all things pregnancy, birth, newborn and post-birth. 

Oh, and we will help you build some social media skills in the process!





Depending on which package you choose, students will have the opportunity to come to a labor doula training workshop!

Basic Doula:  Students will have up to two years after enrollment to attend a training.
Business Starter:  Students can attend any training once at anytime in their life they would like. 
DoulaVersity Professional:  Students can come to as many labor doula training workshops as they'd like for life. 

Can't attend a labor doula training workshop?  That's okay, our online content and videos will provide everything you need to get out there and doula your socks off!  If you really want that hands-on training, contact us for an opportunity to sponsor a workshop in your area!