Cross-Certification Options

If you are currently certified, previously certified, or just trained through another doula organization, than this certification option may be just what you are looking for. 


  • Certification or training must be through a recognized doula organization
  • Certification or training must have occurred within 3 years at the time of your transfer
  • Students must provide documentation of training and/or certification

Fee for cross-certification:  $399
Includes access pass to one in-person doula training workshop for up to 5 years)

Requirements for certification: 

  • Sign code of ethics and grievance policy
  • Complete the online training modules, including all tests, essays, mock emails and scenarios
  • Additional requirements depending on your doula history and training:
    • X amount of births
    • X amount of book reading and evaluations
      (Please contact us and we will help determine the amount of books and births we will require - if any).
    • Take the Spinning Babies Parent Class (unless you have completed an in person workshop)
    • Provide a resource list for your community


Please make sure you have checked to see if you
previous training or certification is recognized by DoulaVersity. 

To enroll simply follow these three simple steps!

Step 1:

Read the following agreements:

DoulaVersity Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice

The DoulaVersity Grievance Policy

(Students will be required to sign these documents to complete certification!)

The DoulaVersity Terms and Conditions

Step 2:

Fill out the registration form to the Below.  (Please make sure your name and email address is correct.)

Step 3:

Pay for your training using the cart below the form.

Name *
Phone *
Please list your past doula trainings and/or certifications.
Please let us know when your most recent certification or training was given:
Please list all birth related books you have read in the past year:
Please list the number of births you have attended in the past 12 months. (Please include if they were vaginal or cesarean births).
In the past 12 months have you: Watched the Business of Being Born? Watched Orgasmic or Organic Birth? Watched Pregnant in America?
In the past 2 years, have you attended a Spinning Babies workshop? (Certificate of attendance may be required).
Checkbox *
By checking this box you agree that you have read and understood, the terms and conditions of the DoulaVersity code of ethics, conduct, and scope of practice.
Checkbox 1 *
By checking this box you agree that you have read and understood, the terms and conditions of the DoulaVersity grievance policy
Checkbox 2 *
By checking this box you agree that you have read and agree to the DoulaVersity terms and conditions
Pay for your Cross-Certification Training (includes 10% discount)