• What is TENS?
  • History of TENS
  • How does a TENS unit decrease pain?
  • Understanding the Gate Control Theory
  • Why a Labor TENS? The Difference in TENS machines
  • Understanding the evidence of TENS in labor
  • Safety and precautions
  • Cleaning your TENS
  • Purchasing TENS and replacing accessories
  • Implementing TENS in your doula practice


After Completion of the TENS in Labor Workshop participants will be able to: 

  • Describe a TENS devise
  • Understand and communicate the two basic ways a TENS helps with pain in labor
  • Understand the research findings on the use of TENS in labor for pain, safety, and patient satisfaction
  • Explain the benefits of TENS in Labor
  • Explain the contradictions to TENS in labor
  • Demonstrate how to use TENS unit, and properly apply stimulation pads
  • Explain the differences between a TENS, EMS, and Labor TENS
  • Trouble shoot a non-working device
  • Demonstrate to parents how to use the TENS for their labor
  • Learn how to implement TENS in your birth practice

Bring a TENS in Labor Workshop to your doula community! 

Price outside of Dallas/Fort Worth:  $90-100 (depending on location)
Host/coordinator price for out-of-town workshops:  FREE
If you are interested in hosing and coordinating the "TENS in Labor Workshop", please contact me to discuss the details.  A minimum of 10 participants need to be secured in order to travel to most places. 

The cost of the workshop includes handouts, and your own set of electrode pads.

A certificate of your TENS training will be provided after the completion of the workshop