TENS in Labor Training for Birth Professionals

Learn how to safely and properly implement
 the use of TENS in your birth practice. 

DoulaVersity is proud to the first (and currently ONLY) TENS training completely online!

What is TENS?

TENS stands for, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is a safe, non-pharmaceutical method of pain control, and can be helpful for a women in labor.

A TENS unit is a hand-held, battery operated device that connects lead wires to four stimulating pads that are placed on the laboring woman*s back.  It's electrical impulses stimulate nerve fibers just under the skin creating a prickly, or tingling type of sensation.

Studies have shown that women were less likely to use an epidural with the TENS unit, and were more likely to use one again in the future. A study that investigated the use of TENS for back pain in labor found that "Tens has a specific beneficial effect on pain localized in the back."
 (Ref - Bundsen, et al , 1981; Carroll, et al, 1997; Thomas et al, 1988)

Most women who use a TENS in labor are likely to use the TENS for their next labor and birth.  Like laboring in a tub, TENS is not going to work for everyone, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to offer it to every laboring mother?  

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Self-Paced Online Training -$75

This advanced training for birth professionals is comprised of 6 modules, that will take roughly 6 hours to complete. Students will have access to the online training for 12 weeks. Your trainer is just an email away if you have questions during your training.

After completion, students will receive a PDF certificate of training. A hard copy can be sent for an additional $5.00.

What You Will Learn

Topics Include:

  • What is TENS?

  • History of TENS

  • How does a TENS unit decrease pain?

  • Understanding the Gate Control Theory

  • Why a Labor TENS? The Difference in TENS machines

  • Understanding the evidence of TENS in labor

  • Safety and precautions

  • Cleaning your TENS

  • Purchasing TENS and replacing accessories

  • Implementing TENS in your doula practice


  • Describe a TENS devise

  • Understand and communicate the two basic ways a TENS helps with pain in labor

  • Understand the research findings on the use of TENS in labor for pain, safety, and patient satisfaction

  • Explain the benefits of TENS in Labor

  • Explain the contradictions to TENS in labor

  • Demonstrate how to use TENS unit, and properly apply stimulation pads

  • Explain the differences between a TENS, EMS, and Labor TENS

  • Trouble shoot a non-working device

  • Demonstrate to parents how to use the TENS for their labor

  • Learn how to implement TENS in your birth practice

The Enrollment Process

DoulaVersity has two ways to enroll in the TENS in Labor Training:

1) Self -Enrollment, through our student portal. Simply pay and you have instant access to the training!

Questions about the self-enrollment process? We have written and video instructions here: https://doulaversity.com/self-enrollment-for-tens-training/

2) Pay for the training at Shop DoulaVersity, and follow the instructions there! This is especially for those who find the self-enrollment process intimating OR if they want to purchase the TENS in Labor Kit - that includes the Elle TENS unit with the package! The enrollment process takes about 5 minutes Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm CST. Please allow up to two hours for enrollment on Sundays.

DoulaVersity TENS Training Kit: $210
This training kit comes with the training, Elle TENS unit kit, and 2 sets of electrodes for your training. (Price includes shipping in the lower 48 states)

Does your doula organization approve the use of TENS or the TENS training by DoulaVersity?