DoulaVersity Business Starter Certification - $750


DoulaVersity Business Starter Certification - $750

from 200.00

Business Starter Doula Package: 
$750 pay in full option or
$800 ($200 down and six monthly installments of $100/month)

The "DoulaVersity Business Starter"  Comes With the Following:

All "Understanding" Birth Booklets -including web app code for video access for six months:  ($40 value)

  • Understanding Pregnancy

  • Understanding Birth

  • Understanding Breastfeeding and

  • Mother and Baby Care

  • Access to Facebook mentoring group (included in all packages)

  • Spinning Babies Parent Class Download (free & required learning - included in all packages)

  • Photo plus contact information and link to your website on our page for certified doulas ($50 value)

  • Birth reference cards (27) 4X6 laminated cards on a key ring. Includes comfort measures, labor situations, and labor positions ($40 value)

  • Five (5) branded documents or handouts of your choice ($125 value)

  • Labor tool kit ($30 value)

  • DoulaVersity T-Shirt ($25 value)

  • Memebership to DoulaVersity Connect Program (unlimited value)

  • One (1) hour of consultation via phone or Skype with your trainer. This can be used at anytime in your training or anytime after you become certified with us. See examples of consultation below! ($100 value)

  • Accesss to one (1) scheduled local doula training workshop at anytime in your doula career as long as you are currently in good standing with DoulaVersity.

Examples of how you can use your training consultation time:

  • Assistance building your website with your purchased SquareSpace, weebly, or accounts

  • Help with getting your social media sites up and running

  • Birth debriefing

  • Business questions

  • Birth questions

After purchasing, you will need to enroll within the student platform. Please follow the link, and we will enroll you from there!
Student Platform Link

Payment Option:
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Students will not receive Spinning Babies Parent Code or Understanding Birth or Mother and Baby Care web app codes until after the 4th payment has been made (or $400). 

All other material and digital items will not be shipped until the final payment has been made.

For those attending a doula workshop:
We require a minimum of $350 to be paid towards any DoulaVersity package prior to attending a doula training workshop.

Students are encouraged to start the online portion of your training prior to attendance.  Modules 1-4 will help you understand the role of a DoulaVersity Doula and takes very little time to complete.  (The average time to complete modules 1-4 has been 10 days, with students working at various paces of about 30 minutes per day).

Failure to pay within two weeks of your scheduled payment will lock you out of the student portal.  After 60 days past due balance, your training will be revoked without any refunds or compensation.