Online TENS in Labor Training For Birth Professionals

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Online TENS in Labor Training For Birth Professionals


Learn how to safely and properly implement the use of TENS in your birth practice. 

DoulaVersity is proud to the first (and currently ONLY) TENS training completely online!

This advanced training for birth professionals is comprised of 6 modules, that will take roughly 6 hours to complete.  Students will have access to the online training for 12 weeks. Your trainer is just an email away if you have questions during your training.


  • What is TENS?

  • History of TENS

  • How does a TENS unit decrease pain?

  • Understanding the Gate Control Theory

  • Why a Labor TENS? The Difference in TENS machines

  • Understanding the evidence of TENS in labor

  • Safety and precautions

  • Cleaning your TENS

  • Purchasing TENS and replacing accessories

  • Implementing TENS in your doula practice

Objectives: After Completion of the TENS in Labor Workshop participants will be able to: 

  • Describe a TENS devise

  • Understand and communicate the two basic ways a TENS helps with pain in labor

  • Understand the research findings on the use of TENS in labor for pain, safety, and patient satisfaction

  • Explain the benefits of TENS in Labor

  • Explain the contradictions to TENS in labor

  • Demonstrate how to use TENS unit, and properly apply stimulation pads

  • Explain the differences between a TENS, EMS, and Labor TENS

  • Trouble shoot a non-working device

  • Demonstrate to parents how to use the TENS for their labor

  • Learn how to implement TENS in your birth practice

    After completion, students will receive a PDF certificate of training.  A hard copy can be sent for an additional $5.00.  

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