CBE Newborn and Postpartum Kit

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CBE Newborn and Postpartum Kit


The postpartum and newborn kit is perfect for demonstration in your childbirth classes. Your students will enjoy practicing using a bulb syringe, or taking a temperature. Use these visual aids to prepare and discuss various newborn and postpartum topics.

The Newborn and Postpartum Kit Includes:

Baby thermometer (15 second oral, 10 second rectal)
Bulb syringe (3oz)
2 Cord clamps
1 Erythromycin ointment tube (demonstration only)
1 Hepatitis B Vaccine Vial (demonstration/practice vial)
2 Large OB pads (14”)
Mesh underwear
Newborn hat
Peri bottle
2 Vitamin K simulation ampules (used for injection)

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