Birth Intervention Kit for Childbirth Educators


Birth Intervention Kit for Childbirth Educators

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Be the talk of the town with your hands-on-visual aids! This one of a kind birth intervention kit, will bring your childbirth classes to the next level! These real-life medical tools will help your students to see what they might expect while you discuss the benefits and risks of each birth intervention.

The $200 price is for pre-orders only. Kits will not be ready until July 10th, 2019.

The Birth Intervention Kit Includes the Following:

Disposable (but reusable for class) blood pressure cuff
Epidural kit
Foley bag
French Foley catheter (size 18 French)
Intrauterine pressure catheter
Internal fetal scalp monitor
IV bag of saline plus tubing
Kiwi vacuum

*The medical tools provided are for demonstration purposes ONLY.

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