Birth Doula Reference Cards


Birth Doula Reference Cards


Our "Birth Doula Reference Cards" come laminated and on a key-ring so you can put them in your doula bag.  These 4X6 cards are packed with information on birth situations, comfort measures, and labor positions.  We provide information on when they are useful as well as the contradictions.  

28 cards total - for details on cards see the additional information located below the picture.

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DoulaVersity's Birth Reference cards are perfect for every doula bag!

You'll receive 27 (4X6) laminated cards on a key ring. 
Information includes when it's appropriate and contradictions.
9 Labor positions and Labor Techniques (such as abdominal lifts, inversions, Walcher's and more)
8 Labor situation cards - (such as the swollen cervix, 6cm stall, 8-9cm stall, and more)
8 Comfort measures and techniques cards (Cook counter pressure, various hip squeeze techniques and more)
1 Bonus card  (Comfort measures to try based on the phase of labor, labor position tips)
1 Disclaimer card (precautions and medical disclaimer)