Step 1

You don't have to self-enroll if it seems confusing.  Just go to the student portal, create an account and pay online here - and we'll take care of the rest! 

The following is a quick summary of how to self-enroll for a course (including the free introductory course).  Students who would like the payment plan will need to pay on the registration page here, as the student portal only has "pay in full" options.  You can still register on the student portal and the following steps will show you how to set up your account.  We will manually enroll once your down payment has been made.

For students who want to purchase the TENS training kit.  Please purchase and register from the website, make an account following the steps here, but don't pay,  we will manually enroll you.

If you prefer a video tutorial click the button below!

Enter the student portal and make yourself an account.  Please use the same first and last name as you want it to appear on your training certificate. 

Image of what you'll see!  Click on the "create a new account" button

ScreenHunter 461.png

Step 2

You should receive an email confirming your account.  (CHECK YOUR SPAM MAIL)!  It can take a few minutes for the system to email you, so be patient. 

ScreenHunter 463.png

Step 3

Once you click on your link within your email, you will come to page within our student platform. 
Click on the SITE HOME button on the left (underneath 'Dashboard")

ScreenHunter 465.png

Step 4:   Scroll down through the courses and choose the course you would like (in this case, I've used the TENS training as an example).  Follow the steps for payment (when applicable), and you will have instant access after that! 

Click On TENS training.png

If you have trouble enrolling:  Please contact Trisha Blizzard by emailing at