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Spinning Babies® Workshop

Spinning Babies® was founded by midwife Gail Tully.  She offers a wealth of information on her website (also linked above) for parents, and birth workers alike. 

The Spinning Babies® Workshop will provide doulas and other birth workers with information to help their clients have an easier (and perhaps shorter) birth. 
Spinning Babies® believes that the position of the baby is more important than cervical dilation, which makes perfect sense, since fetal position facilitates dilation! 
Students will learn how the soft tissues (such as muscles and ligaments), can impact birth and how to facilitate the best range of motion for good fetal positioning. 

Forget the technical stuff, this workshop will bring the Spinning Babies website to life!  I have personally taken the Spinning Babies workshop with Gail Tully, and it has had a positive impact on the clients that I serve. 

You can find more information here: