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Welcome to DoulaVersity!

If you are seeking a career as a doula, you’ve come to the right place.  Being a doula is a time-honored profession that is now gaining popularity among main-stream parents who need help navigating their pregnancy and births in every setting.  Parents look to doulas to help answer questions, and help them get through their labor with less fear and more empowerment.

Here at DoulaVersity, we strongly believe that our doulas can make a difference.  Our hope is that doulas can not only help parents have a more satisfying birth experience, but also lower the cesarean rate in the process.  In the United States the cesarean rate is approximately 32%, and with that comes a higher maternal and infant morality rate.  Studies show that doulas can decrease the risk for cesarean by up to 39%.   

Our comprehensive, self-paced online training will guide you through it all!  We went above and beyond for our training content.  We have eye-catching photos and graphics, videos and comprehensive content to keep our students engaged.

Many doulas leave other training's feeling a little lost and unprepared when they first become certified, and we wanted to make sure our doulas feel like they were ready to take on the ‘doulaverse’.  You will be nothing short of confident and amazing!  Students are never alone, and will walk beside you through your doula journey.  Students will have access to a Facebook support group, where other students and your trainers are there to help you along the way.

Ready to get started?  You can begin learning within minutes!  Pick your package, register and pay.  Payment plans are easy and affordable, and you can start learning for just $200 down.  It's that easy!

What Is A Doula?

The definition of a birth doula is a birth professional who helps a woman before, during and after birth.  A doula does not provide medical care in any form.  Therefore, there are no federal or state requirements on certification.  A doula works for the client, but also cooperates with the mother’s doctor or midwife.  You do not need to be a mother yourself, nor have a medical background to become a doula—just a passion for birth and the desire to support families through the process.  

A Typical Birth Doula provides:

Support before birth: This will usually consist of at least one prenatal visit where she may provide some basic education, support, referrals, comfort measure techniques, and help with birth planning.  It is also a time to get to know the family and understand their desires for birth, and the role that they have envisioned for their doula.

Support during birth: A doula provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing mom and her partner/family etc.  This support has been proven to significantly lower many birth interventions, such as cesarean sections, use of medications, etc.  Furthermore, women have shorter labors and express greater satisfaction with their birth experiences, their partners, and have healthier babies!

Research shows the presence of a doula can:

  •     Decrease the cesarean section rate by 51%
  •     Decrease the length of labor by 25%
  •     Decrease Pitocin use by 71%
  •     Decrease the use of epidurals by 60%
  •     Decrease the use of forceps by 57%

(Source: Mothering the Mother by Klaus, Kennel and Klaus)

Support after birth:  After birth the doula provides an in-home visit to provide help to ease the transition into motherhood. 


Incredible Training!

"Trisha is an incredible teacher! She is  passionate, yet calm and professional,  patient and knowledgeable. I know I am super biased, but I have never been able to sit for 10 hours and focus, understand, and retain what is taught........the combination of her props, writing, testing, visuals, and active participation was all so well thought out!"

- Kimberly S.

"Trisha and Christy are two of the best people you could ever meet! Trisha is an amazing trainer and chock full of knowledge, as is Christy! Doulaversity is a super comprehensive program and when you are finished you know without a doubt that you can step out into the doula world with confidence!  Looking forward to many more trainings/certifications through Doulaversity!"

-Amber G.