DoulaVersity offers comprehensive doula and childbirth educator training from the comfort of your home.

Start your training now and see why DoulaVersity is the fastest growing birth professional training organization in the world!


Become a Certified Labor Doula

A doula is a birth professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to pregnant women and their families.  Unlike midwives, doulas do not do anything medical - so anyone can be a doula without any prior experience or requirements.

Our comprehensive program will train doulas to support women in all birth settings, while learning how to manage your doula practice successfully and professionally.  Try out our FREE course if you'd like!

Become a Certified Childbirth Educator

Learn to teach comprehensive and engaging childbirth classes, both in and out of hospital.  Students will learn how to teach evidenced based birth classes in both private and group settings.  Being a certified childbirth educator compliments any birth work and adds value to your current birth services, or can stand alone as a business all of it's own. 

TENS in Labor Training

DoulaVersity is the first and only fully online TENS training for birth professionals. Students will learn how to safely and properly implement the use of TENS into their birth practice. 



“ DoulaVersity is a super comprehensive program and when you are finished you know without a doubt that you can step out into the doula world with confidence! Looking forward to many more trainings/certifications through DoulaVersity!"


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