Free Introductory Course!

This FREE course is designed for those who want to take a peek inside our DoulaVersity training while learning a thing or two in the process! 

Our promise to you:  Your email and contact information is safe with us.  We will not contact you to pressure you into joining us!  We promise not to sell or give away your contact information through this site or any other parties.

We hope you enjoy getting to know how our student platform works, while you decide if becoming a DoulaVersity certified doula is the right pathway for you!  


Module 1- The Role of a Doula

Module 1 provides potential students with four small 'chapters' on the role of a doula.  It contains the following:

Chapter 1 - What’s a Doula ?
Chapter 2 - What does a doula do?
Chapter 3 - Ethics and conduct
Chapter 4 - Getting started - business essentials

Modules 2-7

Modules 2-7 provide small tidbits of information on a range of topics. You will find pictures, videos, and a little written content in there as well.  While you are only seeing a paragraph or two, our actual student content may have several pages devoted to certain subjects! 

Students will get snippets of information on:

Basic anatomy
Labor and birth
The P.A.I.N of Labor
Labor comfort techniques
With a bonus page on a specefic birth intervention

At the end of each module we will provide information about what you will learn within our online doula training course. 



Module 8

Module 8 provides a short general overview on what you didn't see in the free introductory course, along with a tutorial on how to register for our doula training.

A snapshot from the free training course:

ScreenHunter 562.png

To register for the free course - simply follow the link and it will walk you through the steps!  Again, we promise you will NOT be contacted.  The content does not have any annoying pop-up ads, or pleas for you to sign up with us.  It's just not our thing!