Module One

Student Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice


Chapters Include:

Your responsibilities as a DoulaVersity labor doula

What does it mean to provide physical, emotional and informational support?

Understanding the DoulaVersity doula scope of practice

Evidence and research (the hierarchy of evidence):  How to find evidenced based information

Module Two

How Can a Doula Make a Difference?

birth crisis.jpeg

Chapters Include:

What’s s a doula?

The birth crisis in the United States

 Racial disparities in birth outcomes

 Understanding disparities in teen pregnancies

Reducing cesarean rates: How can a doula make a difference?

The case for doulas/The evidence for doulas

 Are doulas necessary?

Module Three

The Realities of Being a Doula

doula on the go.jpeg

Chapters Include:

Life on call and Family Support

The SuperDoula

 What being a doula *really* means

Self care after births

Module Four

Working as a Doula

doulaversity doula interview.jpeg

Chapters Include:

Start up essentials

Business email etiquette

The interview

Doula prenatal visits

Birth planning

Postpartum visits

Entering the birth space

Bridging the Gap Between Doulas and Medical Personnel

Chapters Include:

Anatomy of the female genitalia

The pelvic floor

Female reproductive system

The uterus

The cervix

Amniotic sac and fluid

Placenta and umbilical cord

Variations in placentas

The pelvis

Module Five

Basic Anatomy and Physiology


Module Six

Understanding Pregnancy

couple skyping.jpeg

Chapters Include:

Female reproduction

From zygote to fetus

Physical changes for the baby through the trimesters

Physical changes for the woman through the trimesters

Pregnancy tests and procedures



Module Seven

Labor and Birth


Chapters Include:

Preterm labor

Warming up to labor

Signs of labor

Stages of labor

Module Eight

The Hormones of Labor and Labor P.A.I.N.

Oxytocin hormone.jpeg

Chapters Include:

The hormones of labor

The 10 P’s of labor pain (10 chapters)


Module Nine

Labor Comfort Techniques and Skills

womanonball revised.jpg

Chapters Include:

Three ways to an easier birth

Gate control

Active birth and maternal positioning

Labor comfort techniques (counter pressure, hip squeezes, and more)

Facilitating relaxation

Module Ten

The Position of the Passenger


Chapters Include:

The position of the passenger:

The posterior passenger

The asynclitic passenger

The breech passenger


Module Eleven

Labor and Birth Procedures & Interventions


Chapters Include:

The history of medicalized birth

Helping clients use their B.R.A.I.N

Labor and birth procedures

Induction methods

Operative delivery assistance


Module Twelve

Variations of Normal Birth



Chapters Include:

Long and short births

Pregnancy complications

Birth complications

Supporting Other Pregnancy and Birth Situations (VBAC, twins, fetal demise, etc).  


Chapters Include:

Supporting the mother immediately after birth

The “Golden Hour”

Latching baby to the breast

Physical changes for the postpartum mother  (breasts, lochia, uterus)

Postpartum blues/depression and psychosis


Module Thirteen

The Fourth Stage of Labor: Understanding the Changes in the Postpartum Mother

Module Fourteen

The Newborn Baby


Chapters Include:

The first hour of life

Understanding the newborn from head to toe

Newborn tests and procedures




Module Fifteen 

The Business Aspects of your Doula Practice


Chapters Include:

Setting up your doula practice

Creating a contract

Business models

Backup doulas

Promoting your business

Furthering your education