The DoulaVersity Connect Program

We know you love your training with DoulaVersity - and when friends love something they want to share it with others!  We want to share the benefits with you as well! With our DoulaVersity ‘Connect’ Program our doulas and doulas in training can earn a $50 commission while helping other women start their journey to becoming a doula.

How it Works:
DoulaVersity will assign current students with a personalized ‘Connect Code’ that you can give to prospective students. This code will provide them with a 10% off discount when they sign up, and allows us to track who the code belongs to so we can provide you with your commission.

Once the student signs up using your ‘Connect Code’, you receive your $50 commission via PayPal... It’s that easy!  

Simply share your personalized DoulaVersity ‘Connect Code’ with your friends and others who may be interested in beginning their career as a doula and begin earning YOUR commission!


  • Students must purchase the DoulaVersity Business Starter or the DoulaVersity Professional package to become a member.

  • Must be either a current DoulaVersity student, or certified doula to share the DoulaVersity Connect Code.

  • If you are a current DoulaVersity student and making monthly payments, you must be current on monthly payments.  Students are not able to receive commissions until payments are current.

  • Students/certified doulas must have a PayPal account created. To create an account go to:

If you would like more information on the DoulaVersity Connect Program, please contact for all the details.