Traditional doula training workshop, with some online flair! 

We get it.  We know that not everyone will learn best without a hands on workshop! There is something to be said about the benefits of watching, and doing specific skills.  Being versatile is our mission and we plan to stand up to our name.  

Although our doula training workshop is not a required part of your doula certification, it is included in the Basic, Business Starter and DoulaVersity Professional packages. This includes workshops in Fort Worth and Boise areas only. 

Contact to find out how to sponsor a training in your area and receive your training for free.  

Students must still complete all 15 modules online as part of their certification requirements.  For a detailed outline of all requirements look here.  


Doula Training Workshop Schedule:

Future Workshop Dates: 


Boise, Idaho
May 28th, 29th, 30th
October, 2019 (To be announced)

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Photos by:  Christy Carlson

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DoulaVersity Training Schedule and Topics:

Day 1
The role of a doula

12:30-1:30pm lunch break

Business side of being a doula

Anatomy & Physiology
Differences between preterm, prodromal and real labor
Understanding the stages of labor

Day 2
The hormones of labor and birth and the effects they have on both mom and baby.

Understanding comfort measures:
3 ways to an easier birth:  Gate Control Theory, Fear/Tension Cycle, and Relaxation
Active birth and optimal fetal positioning
Hydrotherapy and water births
Labor Support Techniques:
   -Using a rebozo
   -Using birth and peanut balls
   -Massage, counter pressure, double-hip squeezes, and many other tricks of the trade
Progressive relaxation

1:00-2:00 Lunch

Understanding interventions
Things that go beep:  Medical procedures and medications used in labor/delivery.
How to help your clients use their BRAIN

Day 3  
9-10am - Inductions, medications and cesareans
10-11am Helping your client develop a birth plan

Unexpected outcomes
Labor situations (and what you might do about them)

Role Play - Telephone questions
Role play - Doula/birth scenarios
Practice comfort measures
Intro to the golden hour and breastfeeding
Final conclusion, questions and answers