To enroll simply follow these three simple steps!

Step 1:

Read the following agreements:

DoulaVersity Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice

The DoulaVersity Grievance Policy

(Students will be required to sign these documents to complete certification!)

The DoulaVersity Terms and Conditions

Step 2:

Fill out the registration form to the right.  (Please make sure your name and email address is correct.)

Step 3:

Pay for your training.

Step 4:

Enter Student Portal, and make an account.  (Check your spam box if you do not get a registration confirmation).  You will have access to your training within minutes of registering! 













Choose your doula
certification package
and pay to finish enrollment

DoulaVersity does not provide refunds for any reason.

Payment Plans Available! Contact us today!

Students can start their training with $200 down. 
Students can pay in full for a discount, or be billed in monthly installments as follows:

Basic doula package: $350 pay in full option
Payment plans for Basic Doula - $200 down and $200 to be billed on month later.  (Total $400)

The Business Starter Package:  $750 pay in full option or
$200 down and then $100 a month for 6 months (total of $800)

Business Starter and DoulaVersity Professional:  $900 pay in full option or
$200 down and then $125 a month for 6 months (total $950)

For those who would like to attend a workshop:  We require a minimum of $400 to be paid towards your training balance before being allowed to take a doula training workshop.   Students are encouraged to start the online portion of your training prior to attendance.  Modules 1-4 will help you understand the role of a DoulaVersity Doula and takes very little time to complete.  (The average time to complete modules 1-4 has been 10 days, with students working at various paces of about 30 minutes per day). 

Failure to pay on your scheduled time will lock you out of the student portal.  After 60 days past due balance your training will be revoked without any compensation.

There are no other fees associated with your training! 

Students on a payment plan:  Students will not receive any items of value (Understanding Birth Books, codes, Spinning Babies code, etc) until their doula package has been paid in full.  However, students can still begin learning right away through our online portal! 

Or say:

Students will only receive physical and digital items included in the Basic Doula package after the full $350 has been made.  Students will only receive the items in the Business Starter, after the full $750 has been made. 
Students will only receive the (remaining?) items in the DoulaVersity Professional package after the full $900 has been made.


Student Access to our Online Doula Training Portal

Following payment and registration, students will be sent the link to the online portal.  Simply create your account, and
get started with your 'doula schooling' with DoulaVersity immediately!