Become a Certified Childbirth Educator


Being a childbirth educator is such a rewarding career!  Being a childbirth educator allows you to help make a difference in your community in so many ways.  From reducing the neonatal and maternal mortality rates to providing couples an opportunity to grow closer through their pregnancy, you will transform lives forever. 

Being an independent childbirth educator allows you to set your own hours, which can help you make extra income or make a career out of teaching if you'd like.

Upon certification, you will be a DoulaVersity Certified Childbirth Educator teaching your own independent childbirth course curriculum.  This allows you to teach the content that you want without having to be confined to certain rules and regulations that some childbirth educator training's require.  If you would like more information, please read my blog post, here

DoulaVersity's comprehensive and interactive training will provide you with ALL the tools you need to teach a wide variety of classes.  From a full childbirth class series both in and out of hospital, to single classes such as newborn or comfort measure classes.  The possibilities are endless, and so is your potential!


Students must 18 years of age

Technical requirements
Must have access to the internet, a computer, and a printer
Have the ability to upload video and a microphone for voice content

A list of full requirements will be coming soon.  Currently we are only accepting students who would like to dual-certify as a doula and childbirth educator at the same time.   We will be taking enrollments for the single childbirth educator program by the end of summer (2018).



Because we are still building the curriculum, we do not have a complete outline yet - but please email if you have any questions.  We have 15 modules with over 500 pages devoted to pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum information.  The other few remaining modules are dedicated to teaching skills, and learning how to build your course curriculum.  We'll have it all up very soon!  The following chart will show you the requirements to become certified with DoulaVersity along with a comparison of other childbirth educator organizations:

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