Meet Amber Gates

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In honor of #WorldDoulaWeek, we want to feature our very first student to join DoulaVersity!   Please meet, doula Amber Gates!

Q. Briefly describe why you wanted to become a doula?
A. I felt led down the path to become a doula after my own birth experiences, a cesarean and a successful VBAC. I have personal experience with premature birth, cesarean section, VBAC and breastfeeding which gives me a unique ability and perspective to provide informed support. After my first birth, I realized just how much our country lacks in the way of prenatal and postpartum support. Women need to know their options and have access to not just physical and emotional support but evidence based information as well. As a doula, my goal is to support you, listen to you, empower you and respect you.

Q. Why did you choose DoulaVersity?
A. After spending some time talking with the Founder of DoulaVersity, Trisha Blizzard I decided to choose DoulaVersity. Trisha took the time to answer every question I had not only about DoulaVersity but about being a doula in general.  After those conversations I knew that DoulaVersity would support and empower me in my journey to become a successful doula. I have been 100% confident in my decision to train with DoulaVersity every step of the way.

Q. Favorite aspect of DoulaVersity?
A. Trisha and Christy are a wealth of knowledge and the support they provide through DoulaVersity has been remarkable. I also love that they have provided a private forum for all of their DoulaVersity students so that you can continue to grow your tribe with each new student.

Q. What have you learned from DoulaVersity?
A. Every birthing situation is unique. There is no such thing a cookie cutter birth, but DoulaVersity has taught me to be prepared even for the unexpected situations that may arise.

Q. How can we find you online?

Q. Tell us something unique about yourself (favorite ice cream, favorite food to eat after a birth, something fun…)!
A. My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road.