What to Expect at a DoulaVersity Training Workshop

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With DoulaVersity our doula training workshops are supplemental to your doula training (and not required).  However, there are so many benefits to attending an in-person training!  Our students will walk away from the training with all the tools and skills necessary to start your doula career.  You will laugh, you will learn, and you will become a trained doula.  

Here are some tips and information on what to expect during the three-day workshop. 

We start on time, so please be punctual! 

Please arrive about 10-15 minutes early on the first day. This gives us a few minutes to get to know each other before the workshop begins.  We start on time, so please be punctual. Here is our schedule:

Day 1:
Start time: 9:00am
Lunch:  12:30-1:30
End time:  6:00pm

Day 2
Start time: 9:00am
Lunch:  1:00-2:00
End time:  6:00pm

Day 3
Start time:  1:00pm
End time:  6:30pm

Filling your minds and stomachs:

Our three-day workshops are quite intensive.  We provide one-hour lunch breaks on both day one and two of the workshop.  (The final day of the workshop starts after lunch, so eat before you come)!  Besides lunch breaks, we will have short (5-15 minutes) breaks before and after lunch.

Lunches: You are welcome to order in, eat what we bring, leave for lunch or bring your own! If you would like to bring anything else to snack, eat, drink you are welcome to do so. There is a fridge, microwave, and stove that we will be able to utilize.  

Here is a list of foods we provide for snacks and daily lunches:

Fruit tray, sandwich stuff (meats, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, avocados, buns) hummus, crackers, croissants, and muffins.  We will supply water and coffee too!

We have some restaurants and a grocery store all within a 4.5 mile radius of our workshop location.

Dress comfy, but be ready for pictures!

On day two of the workshop, we will be practicing a myriad of comfort measures both from the doula’s perspective as well as the laboring client.  We will be doing a lot of bending, squatting and leaning.  We love to take photos of our doulas in action throughout the workshop.  Some of these will be shared online (with your permission), so dress accordingly!  

Babies in Arms are Welcome:  

Babies under 6 months are welcome at the workshop. Please be mindful of others while they are learning.  We have a 10 second rule.  If baby is fussy for more than 10 seconds, please leave the classroom area and come back after baby settles.  We love babies, but we want our students to be able to focus. Toys that rattle, beep, and squawk may also be distracting, so please leave those at home. 

Possible Trigger Warnings!

Our workshop will cover a vast amount of information and it’s not always roses and babies.  We will be discussing harder topics such as stillbirth, miscarriage, and traumatic birth situations.  Students who have been through any birth(s) that have not been processed, may find emotions welling up to the surface.  We are here for you and recognize births are emotional on any level and welcome you to share your stories with us.   For those of you who have been through a difficult birth situation, please feel free to discuss this with Trisha or Christy prior to the training.

DoulaVersity Swag for Sale:

Throughout the training we will offer some of our popular doula tools for sale:

  • Birth doula reference cards

  • Birth planning activity  

  • Birth Balls

  • Peanut ball posters

  • Labor tool-kits

  • “Understanding Birth” and “Mother and Baby Care” booklets

  • DoulaVersity swag (t-shirts, tote bags, pens, etc).  

You are welcome to call or email for pricing and of course, they will be available to students after the workshop as well.  We accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo.  

We can’t wait to meet you!


Do you have questions about the training schedule and topics?
Check out our topics (and schedule) on the right hand side of the page:  https://doulaversity.com/doula-workshop/

Register today at https://doulaversity.com/register/

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Doula


The process of becoming a doula isn’t hard, because doulas do not do anything medical.  
Working as a doula is probably the hardest work you’ll ever love.  Here are 5 reasons why you should become a doula!  

1) You Will Make a Difference

Studies show that when women receive continuous support from a doula they are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births, less likely to have pain medication, vacuum or forceps-assisted births, negative feelings about childbirth,  and their chances of having a cesarean were reduced!   In addition, their labors were shorter, Pitocin augmentation was used less, and their babies were less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth and had less risk of needing to go to the NICU.

Studies compared women giving birth with and without a doula, and the results were clear:  The best birth outcomes occurred when women had a continuous support from a doula, and NOT from someone else such as a hospital staff, friend or relative.  --2012, Hodnett et al.

2) You Will Get to Witness the Miracle of Birth (without having the responsibility of safety for mom and baby)!

If you find yourself glued to every TV show or movie that has a birth in it, you may find that you are in love with the birth process.  Imagine being able to be part of that without having to be the one getting who gets the birth goo all over them.  If the baby is experiencing complications, you aren’t the one making life dependant decisions, your role is to simply support the mother and hold her hand.  

3) It's not just about birth:

You will help provide information before and after the birth.  You can help parents feel more confident about their parenting skills, and create a stronger family unit in the process.  Your impact is often life long!

4) You Get Paid to do Something You are Passionate About

The salary you make depends on you.  You are in charge of how many births you want to take a month.  You decide if you want to own your own business, or work for an agency, or start your own agency.  You can make $12,000 or $50,000, and even six figures if you put some elbow grease into it.  

5) The World Needs More Doulas!

In a 2006 survey that took place in the U.S., only 3% of women said they used a doula during childbirth (Declerq et al., 2007). If doulas can reduce cesarean rates, and ultimately decrease the mortality rates for mothers and babies – wouldn’t it be nice if there were more doulas to go around?  

Are you ready to make a difference?  Join DoulaVersity today!

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