Meet Brooklinn Dalton




Meet Brooklinn Dalton

Q.  Briefly describe why you wanted to become a doula? 
A.  I initially began working as a Birth photographer and found I really wanted to be able to practically help families in the birth room. I love encouraging, educating, and supporting women and their partners on the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of birth!

Q. Why did you choose DoulaVersity? 
I am local to DFW, so I loved the option to be taught by women that not only KNOW birth and actively doula, but also that know my local market. 

Q.  Favorite aspect of DoulaVersity?
A.  I love that my education is practical and evidence-based. Trisha and Christy have both certified through different agencies during their time as doulas and developed DoulaVersity to bridge the learning gap of what is NOT taught by other institutions. I know I am getting a deep and well-rounded education. 

Q.  What have you learned from DoulaVersity? 
A.  I have learned SO much through DoulaVersity. My favorite lesson is Gate Control Theory, which by itself explains the reason doulas do what they do! More than anything, though, I have learned to be confident in my own presence in the birth room. 

Q. How can we find you online? or @DaltonDoula on Facebook and Instagram

Q. Tell us something unique about yourself (favorite ice cream, favorite food to eat after a birth, something fun…)!
I always want tacos and a good gym session after attending a birth! It doesn’t matter how tired I am, there is so much excitement and adrenaline afterwards!

Having a background in counseling, I am passionate about self-care. You can usually find me spending downtime hiking with my husband and tromping through lakes with our dog, Jubilee!

I am an “experimental chef”, meaning I love to cook but never use a recipe . Creativity is where it’s at!