Meet Sarah Ross

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Meet Sarah Ross

Q. Briefly describe why you wanted to become a doula? 
A. I want to educate and support moms during their journey to become a mother. Whether you're having baby #1 or baby #5, there is still a journey throughout pregnancy, labor, and then delivery on becoming this specific child's mother and I want to be physical and emotional support to help mom and dad feel they get the best possible outcome for their birth experience. 

Q  Why did you choose DoulaVersity? 
A.  Doulaversity offers me the opportunity to work on their online modules at my own pace. As a full time teacher and mom of 3 (3 toddlers!), this is very important to me. Becoming a doula is my goal, it just comes slower than some. :) 

Q.  Favorite aspect of DoulaVersity?
A.  The support from our mentors Trisha and Christy. I really enjoyed the in person training I was able to attend in January. It was great to get to meet everyone face to face. Then, I also shadowed Trisha at a birth in February and that was amazing. I cannot wait to learn more from them both!

Q.  What have you learned from DoulaVersity? 
To be patient. Both the learning modules and building a doula business can take time, but so do babies. Babies take a lot a time to be born, so might as well start learning to be patient now. ;) 

Q. How can we find you online?

Q. Tell us something unique about yourself (favorite ice cream, favorite food to eat after a birth, something fun…)!
I never give up, even when it’s really really hard. I always try to think of a better solution to a problem. I haven’t lost my idealism, there is a better world and a better way. I’m hopeful that this determination will serve me as I serve moms. That I will help them find their own determination as they work and sometimes fight for the birth they want and deserve.